EclerNet Control Touch-Screen

WPNETTOUCH is a remote control TFT touchscreen compatible with all EclerNet products such as: MIMO4040DN, MIMO88/88SG, MIMO1212SG, NXA Series and DUO-NET PLAYER. Incorporates a capacitive 10” touch screen, server client and UCP server (User Control Panel). When including a WPNETTOUCH in an EclerNet installation it is not necessary to use a computer to manage connected devices, neither to have the UCP panels created for the project (NOTE: MIMO4040DN can also work as UCP server in an installation). Each unit could be configured to work as a single zone control panel or as a global multi-zone controller. It allows executing User Control Panels that are able to control volume, sound source selection, recalling presets, communication via TCP/UDP with external devices, etc.
It is fully compatible as a server for other clients like WPNETTOUCH, WPmSCREEN as well as UCP for third party devices (iOS©, Android©, Windows©, etc.).
Power over Ethernet or local power supply. Surface-mount accessories included. Compatible with VESA75 mounting standard.
Base price

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