EclerNet Manager

EclerNet Software Application

EclerNet Manager is the software application that lets users build a digital audio system, including hardware devices from the following product families: NXA Powered digital audio managers, MIMO88, MIMO88SG and MIMO1212SG digital matrices, MIMO4040DN Dante™ matrix, DUO-NET PLAYER. DN44BOB Dante™ audio interface, PAGENETDN paging + control interface station and WPNETTOUCH / WPmSCREEN screen control interfaces.

Using the app it’s possible to identify every device connected to the network and configure it, together with the digital accessories that can be connected to it, like the WPTOUCH digital wall panel and the MPAGE16 / eMPAGE digital paging stations.

Once the project file that stores this configuration is created and stored, the EclerNet Manager application can also include UCPs (User Control Panels), which are graphical control screens, customised for the needs of each remote user.

The EclerNet Manager software (running a project in a computer, a WPNETTOUCH, a WPmSCREEN, a PAGENETDN or a MIMO4040DN unit) enables its webserver service and the remote control devices (WPNETTOUCH, WPmSCREEN, Windows® OS computers and tablets, Android® OS tablets and smartphones, iPhones®, iPads®, etc.) become webclients, recalling and managing those UCPs for an end user graphical, custom and friendly control experience.
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