There is a wide range of available leisure installations: museums, theme parks, theaters, cinemas, bars or clubs…
In a museum audio can play a role of as part of interactive multimedia presentation or as a public address system. Audio therefore must be able to be integrated with video or other multimedia devices.
In a theme park it can entertain the visitors by playing music or direct voice messages to them. Audio will be placed outdoors in most of the cases and for this reason equipment must be designed to perform under different extreme weather conditions.
In a theater or cinema you want to understand the dialogue perfectly and, at the same time, you want to be transported to a different world for a couple of hours. In this case the music soundtrack and special effects will be often employing a multichannel immersive sound system. Good intelligibility and audio dynamics will always be key factors.
In a bar music can create the perfect atmosphere to drink a beer and chat with friends without needing to shout to be heard. An excellent sound quality is a must if we don’t want to create audio and vocal fatigue. 
In a club music is the key factor: it must make us dance. Without good sound there is no party. Reliability and a sound system with enough definition and punch, able to deliver all the power all the time, is essential.

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